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Flood Damage


Residential and commercial property owners throughout South Florida are at risk for flooding and flood damages due to Florida’s rainy seasons and below or at-sea level elevation. Flood insurance is not typically covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, but is usually inexpensive. Despite this, many South Floridians do not purchase flood insurance and are left at a loss in the unfortunate event of one. At Royal Public Adjusters we recommend that all South Florida property owners purchase a flood insurance policy.

A property flood is often misunderstood by property owners to mean any instance in which water is found inside a property. For insurance purposes, flooding refers to any instance in which water from an existing source rises up and enters a property, be it from a lake, river, ocean, etc. One common result of flooding is a tropical storm or hurricane. Broken plumbing fixtures or roof leaks are treated separately as water damages and do not fall under a flood claim. A public adjuster will best be able to explain the coverage and limitations of your flood insurance policy during the claim process.

If your property is located along one of Florida’s many coastal cities, including Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale, Delray Beach, Dania, Boca Raton, and others along the Intracoastal, ocean, or any other large bodies of water, it is highly recommended that you purchase flood insurance.

For a complete explanation and understanding of flooding, you can visit The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s website, or find out which Water Management District you live in for area-specific information.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to remember to keep in mind when faced with flooding or damages:

  • Do call Royal Public Adjusters (We’ll put you in touch with the professionals you need to get the problem mitigated quickly, including water extraction and flood damage restoration specialists, structural drying companies, mole clean-up and restoration specialists, etc.).
  • Don’t assume your flood damages aren’t big enough to warrant a claim.
  • Do take pictures of all damages for claim purposes. Make a list of damaged property and try to find values for these items.
  • Don’t return to the property until the authorities have instructed you to.
  • Do turn off the main power to the property.
  • Don’t repair or throw anything out until we inspect and photograph the damages.

Mold should never be taken lightly. Call your experienced professionals at Royal Public Adjusters today for quick and professional services from start to finish.

What We Need To File Your Claim

Before you give us a call to file a claim, please make sure you have as much of the required information as possible.

In order to start processing your claim, we will need to have the policyholder’s complete information, including: name of insured, insurance company, policy number, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. We’ll also need a complete description of loss, which should state the time, date, and location of the loss, as well as a detailed description of the damages incurred. Make sure you let us know which authorities were notified (police, fire dept. etc.) and whether you contacted any emergency service companies or performed any damage mitigation prior to filing a claim. Please be sure to provide us with any and all corresponding documents related to any current claims.

To find out whether you could benefit from the services provided by a public adjuster, please give us a call.


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