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Water Claims

Residential and commercial water damage accounts for some of the most commonly filed insurance claims in South Florida. It’s imperative that this type of damage gets taken care of quickly, since water damages can cause even greater issues like corrosion and mold. Figuring out what kind of water damage you may have and how you can begin to mitigate the problem can be tricky, since there are various types of water damage, with each one having its own proper method for mitigating the damage. Knowing what type of water damage you’re dealing with can give you a clue as to the severity of the problem. However, the cause of the damages may not always be easily known.

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Hurricane/Tornadoes Claims

South Florida residents are no strangers to hurricanes. Every year during hurricane season residents in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties do everything in their power to keep safe and protect their personal property. Unfortunately, as history has shown us, hurricanes can and have caused major damage to South Florida property owners. As a result of this, insurance companies have had to make modifications and limitations in regards to policyholders’ hurricane and storm coverage. A public adjuster can give you a better explanation and understanding of your insurance policy in regards to hurricane damages.

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Fire/Smoke Damage

Smoke and fire damage can occur in any residential or commercial property. Smoke and fire damage can be caused by any matter of things, including electrical and kitchen fire, and can result in property loss, poor air quality, mold, structural damage, and more. Just a small spark of fire can cause an entire property to go up in flames. The best way to handle any size fire is to be prepared with a plan.

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Roof Leak Claim

If you’ve got a roof leak or you’ve been faced with any other type of roof damage, including hail damage, damaged shingles, a collapsed ceiling, mold damage, or damage to your personal property, then you need to contact Royal Public Adjusters. Whether on a residential or commercial property, roof leaks or roof damages are among the most concerning types of property damages that can be incurred. Roof damages can be caused by a variety of factors, such as natural occurrences (hail, wind, storms, etc.), water damage, and vandalism.

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Mold Claims

South Florida is no stranger to mold. Unfortunately, the tropical weather we all love so much makes us more susceptible to mold since mold lives and thrives in hot and humid areas. Since mold grows so quickly here, it’s important to give your public adjuster a call at the first sign of any mold. If you’ve suffered any kind of property damages and suspect mold, it’s important to get your property checked, since mold isn’t always visible. In fact, mold is known for growing in some of the most unsuspecting locations on a property, making itself visible only when the problem has gotten severe.

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Flood Claims

Residential and commercial property owners throughout South Florida are at risk for flooding and flood damages due to Florida’s rainy seasons and below or at-sea level elevation. Flood insurance is not typically covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, but is usually inexpensive. Despite this, many South Floridians do not purchase flood insurance and are left at a loss in the unfortunate event of one. At Royal Public Adjusters we recommend that all South Florida property owners purchase a flood insurance policy.

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Loss of Business Claims

One of the most valuable and important forms of insurance coverage you can purchase for your business is loss of business income insurance. Loss of business income refers to any period of time in which your normal business income may be interrupted due to any variety of disasters. Loss of Business Income Insurance protects the status of your company in the case your workplace becomes unusable for any unforeseen disasters or repairs.

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Vandalism/Theft Claims

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, the crime of theft and vandalism is a risk every property owner faces. Theft refers to the taking of someone else’s property without their consent, while vandalism involves the intentional destruction of someone else’s property. While there are various ways to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism on your property, there is always the possibility that your property can fall victim to one of these unfortunate criminal attacks.

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